Fee Schedule 2011

 4-year-old concession 3-year-old *
 Place-holding fee
 Term 1
 Term 2
 Term 3$270$45$285
 Term 4$270/$220** $95/$45**$285/$235**
 TOTAL $1130/$1080 $230/$180$1190/$1140

*the 3-year-old program is not subsidised, therefore has no discount for concession card holders
**in term 4 you will receive a $50 refund if you have attended 2 working bees or served on the Committee

Fee Payment
Fees invoices and payment instructions will be placed in children’s pigeon holes prior to the end of the term. Invoices are to be paid in full before the next term commences. Payment can be made by direct debit using the internet or by direct deposit at a branch of the Bendigo Bank. Cash payments are not accepted.

1. Please identify your direct deposit with your child's initial, surname, group (3yo / 4yo) and term (1-4), eg. "M Smith 4yoT2"

    ACCOUNT NAME: Westgarth Kindergarten Inc.
    Bendigo Bank
    BSB: 633000
    ACCOUNT NO. 141099226

2. Please email fees@wgkg.vic.edu.au to confirm your payment (if you need a receipt, please request this in your email).

Childcare Cash Rebate
All families who have work or study related childcare costs can claim a childcare cash rebate from Medicare. After registering with the Medicare Office claims may be made using receipts issued by the kindergarten's assistant treasurer (please email fees@wgkg.vic.edu.au for receipts). You may ring 13 21 24 for more information on the scheme.

Fee Refunds 
Term fees can only be refunded to families who notify the Committee that they are leaving the service prior to the start of term. These families will be able to receive a pro-rata reimbursement of any fees paid in advance. The Committee may consider a partial refund in other limited circumstances. All such requests must be addressed to the Committee in writing.

There will be no refund of fees if the program is unable to operate, or when the current qualified staff member is absent and Westgarth Kindergarten cannot obtain a qualified reliever.

Unpaid Fees
If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact the Committee to discuss a special payment plan

Fees not paid by the due date will be followed up by:
  • An initial letter of warning giving ten (10) working days for payment.
  • After this time, the family will be contacted by telephone, or issued with a second notice.
  • If fees are still not paid, and a special payment play is not agreed on, a final notice will be sent, stating that unless payment is made within ten (10) working days, there will no longer be a place available at the service for their child.