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inspiration to get outdoors

posted 19 Oct 2011, 04:36 by Unknown user   [ updated 19 Oct 2011, 04:38 ]

I went to see Tim Gill talk today - inspiring...



with Mary Jeavons - visit a playground they are divine...



and David Petherick who has inspired us to update to a family tent this xmas and head on out!



an afternoon discussing how to encourage parents to get outdoors with their family,

to let kids play...

and to allow them freedoms...

do you remember your childhood?  was your favourite place outdoors?  and out of sight of adults?

this opportunity builds resilience, trust, experience, it allows children to develop,

it builds our character, and offers opportunities to challenge and extend ourselves, to grow in responsibility and confidence, to learn about our world and where and how we can fit in. 

most of all to learn about ourselves and who we are.


you don't have to jump in the deep end, it's ok to get in the shallows where it's warm and comfy and edge your way from there... but do try - it's lovely in...



something to inspire you to incorporate some free play into your neighbourhood:



wouldn't it be lovely...



well here it is in oz...




just to make you stop and think if you haven't already.




pass it on