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Bush Kinder Vision

Australian and International research shows that children today are spending much more time in doors, in front of screens and participating in structured activities.  These activities restrict children from participating regularly in outdoor unstructured activities and exploring natural environments.  It has been documented that this shift is contributing to health problems such as increased anxiety and obesity, while children are suffering from a lack of connection with nature and the outside world.  We want to help turn this trend around and give the kids of Westgarth, Victoria and Australia a chance to spend quality time in nature with passionate teachers to encourage them to explore and learn.

Initially, the 2011 pilot program was to allow 26 (1/2 of 4 year old group) children to benefit directly from the program.  The broader kinder community will also see benefits with a “bush kinder” focus  being adopted by the kinder including social events to be held at the bush kinder site for families.

Following on from the success of the pilot, the program has now been extended to all 4-year-old children at Westgarth Kindergarten.

Ultimately, it is our goal to encourage other kindergartens in Victoria and Australia to follow and learn from our model and experience.

The Bush Kinder Vision for the Westgarth Community and beyond

  • A community with a closer connection with nature
  • A community that values and participates in nature based activities more regularly
  • A healthier and more environmentally aware community
  • A well connected and cohesive community
  • Creative, independent and resilient children