The Westgarth Kindergarten operations are managed by a voluntary Committee of Management consisting of parents whose children are enrolled at the centre. The committee is responsible for efficient operations of the kindergarten. In late 1996 we adopted the Standard Rules of Incorporation (our constitution) written by the Department of Human Services and we were certified by the Office of Fair Trading. Our constitution requires that 10 members be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, held in November, and one non-office bearer (the centre director).

President (Executive role)

The President represents the committee to the outside world. With the new support available to the committee (bookkeeper, HR and office administrator), the President's role becomes more manageable. Typically 3 to 4 hours a week. This role will suit someone with a general interest in the kindergarten, who is good at delegating and helping people understand priorities, and who is comfortable making decisions.

Other key tasks are:
  • Chair monthly committee meeting
  • Address any parent or staff concerns and/or complaints
  • General support to all committee members
  • Employ and liaise with external contractors
  • Manage correspondence and act as point of contact with DEECD and City of Darebin
  • Liaise with the Director regarding kindergarten matters on a regular basis
  • Work with the Administration Officer to maintain records.
  • Delegate tasks and manage the workload of the Administration Officer in liaison with Secretary
  • Support Vice-President in regard to staff matters
  • Help draft the annual budget
  • Act as signatory to the bank accounts
The outgoing President will available for ongoing support and consultation where requested.

(Executive role)
The main focus of this role is as the staff liaison officer to all staff employed at the kindergarten. The Vice-President is required to work closely with the President and acts as a support where necessary.

Key tasks include:
  • Represent the committee in developing and maintaining a professional relationship with staff
  • Maintain an open and clear line of communication between staff and management
  • First point of call for any issues staff may raise with management
  • Hold regular staff meetings and share relevant information with staff
  • Oversee staff training and development
  • PDP reviews
  • Ensure all VEECTA award regulations and conditions are met
  • Ensure all staff are aware of any policy and regulation changes
  • Ensure all regulations are met in relation to staff
  • Advertising and interviewing for new staff as required
This position could suit someone who has some management experience, who has some experience in the field of human resources, or who has strong and clear communication skills and would enjoy the chance to support and work with our marvellous staff.
Time required is about 1 - 2 hours a week, plus committee meetings.

Secretary (executive role)

The main role of the secretary is to assist in communications between the committee, staff, parents and community.

Key tasks are:
  • Update and manage the website with relevant kindergarten procedures, learning programmes and the online calendar
  • Create & publish the monthly newsletter via email and hard copy at the kinder
  • Produce posters to market kindergarten events e.g. working bees or fund raisers
  • Liaise with the QIP Officer and ensure all endorsed policies, including bush kinder policies, be updated and maintained on the website
  • Completion of Annual Statement
The website content is provided by teachers, committee members and parents. The website also hosts advertisements from kindergarten sponsors and the kindergarten community. The website is created and run in Google Sites, a webpage creation service. No actual programming or web-development skills are needed, just a computer connected to the Internet. No special software is needed since the website itself has all the software installed. This role would suit a person who likes writing, sharing photos and information. This role is a good chance to learn some modern web skills. The outgoing Secretary will be available for continuous support and training. Time required is approx 1-2 hours a week, depending on what part of term we are in, plus committee meetings.

Treasurer (executive role)

The Treasurer is supported by a paid, part-time book-keeper who does the actual booking and monthly report preparation.

Key tasks are: 
  • Reconcile monthly bank statement
  • Administer the bank accounts
  • Help draft the annual budget
  • Provide Auditor with all required documentation
  • Help the teachers and committee know what they can afford
At each month end, various reports need to be collated and forwarded to the external bookkeeper.  Month end reporting generally takes around 2 hours.  These reports then provide the basis for financial decisions made at committee meetings.

Nearly all of the kindergarten's transactions happen online, but probably once every two weeks a visit to a physical branch of the Bendigo Bank is required. There is very little cash handling (in fact, only petty cash for the teaching staff). Around two hours a week is required on average, but sometimes more, plus committee meetings. This role is suited to someone with accounting or book-keeping experience, or experience in running a small business. 

Quality Assurance Officer
Key tasks:
  • Establish policy review timetable for each year after consultation with previous year’s Officer

  • Review policies and assess procedures as required

  • Make recommendations to committee regarding policy changes

  • Amend policy based on regulations and kindergarten philosophies, program and procedures

  • Maintain the kindergarten's Policy Manual

  • Liaise with the Secretary to ensure that current policies are available on the kinder website


 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Officer (new role)

The National Regulations require services to have a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). The aim of a QIP is to help providers self-assess their performance in delivering quality education and care, and to plan future improvements. The QIP also helps regulatory authorities with the assessment of the service.


Key tasks:

  • Liaise with the Staff QIP Officer to maintain and facilitate the implementation of actions on the QIP

  • Updates the Committee on status of the QIP as required

  • Ensures that the QIP is endorsed by the Committee annually

  • Liaise with the Director and other staff to ensure that mandatory documentation requirements are met, including notices that must be displayed, relevant signage and requirements for diagnosed medical conditions (previously QA Officer).

Maintenance Officer

This is an indoor/outdoor role. Time required is about 1-2 hours per week, plus committee meetings.

Key tasks are:
  • Maintain the kindergarten building and grounds to ensure they are safe for all community and that they comply with regulations
  • On call during school hours in case of a maintenance emergency
  • Plan quarterly working bees
  • Work with council maintenance department regarding council responsibility for building and grounds maintenance
  • Organise external contractors for external and internal maintenance
  • Oversee the garden design and maintenance
  • Track history of maintenance carried out and required
  • Maintain record of each work status
  • Communicate with the school and neighbours when appropriate to complete work
  • Communicate with the President, Director and Treasurer in regards to maintenance requirements and costs involved.
The Maintenance Officer will also liaise with support people to establish methods of task delegation and to establish if they have any particular areas of expertise. The Maintenance Officer may also wish to identify any professionals within the wider kinder group who are able to assist in some areas.  

Social Secretary
This role involves the planning and organisation of social events for the kindergarten community. There is great flexibility to create any gathering you desire in liaison with the committee. Events have ranged from visits to the Traffic School, family BBQs, adventure hikes, parent nights and kid's movie sessions. Event participants are charged to cover expenses and fundraising is on a needs basis as identified by the Grants and Fundraising Officer. It is an enjoyable role and would suit those interested in bringing people together. You do not need a weekly time commitment but just need to plan ahead and be organised.

Social team members

These people will help with social events in a variety of ways, for instance by sourcing goods and services, booking venues, publicising events amongst their kinder group, cooking sausages, collecting money and so on. The people in these positions are not required to attend committee meetings.

Grants and Fundraising Officer

This role involves raising funds for a need identified by the director and endorsed by committee.
Key tasks are:
  • Identify and write submissions for relevant and appropriate grants on behalf of committee
  • Identify relevant and appropriate fundraising opportunities
  • Organise with the social secretary and support people to hold appropriate fundraising events
This kindergarten is not dependant on raising funds for ongoing operational costs. Fundraising at Westgarth Kinder is community building and fun as it allows people to come together to earn something special for the kinder.

Bush Kinder Co-ordinator
This person is responsible for policy, procedures and requirements in order to maintain and further develop bush kinder as an integral part of the program at Westgarth Kinder.   Also liaising between parents, educators and director.