We recognise children as knowledgeable, whose intelligence is based on experiences within their contexts and whose learning begins when these experiences are challenged (Glaserfeld).

We support children’s play, it is their work; it is used by them to practice what they know and to explore the unknown. We advocate children play in nature; they are happier, smarter, healthier and kinder when they do (White). We honour the child’s right to ‘not know’ and their right to experience all the emotions that ensue ‘knowing’.

Our pedagogy is deliberate and based on issues of social justice, local issues and current research. We are activists and willing to reform our approaches and perspectives in response to an evolving community.


Our Community Endeavours:


To be kind

To have time

To act on behalf of the community foremost

To act as custodians

To coexist through recognising the differing abilities and skills sets of each other

To recognise gender and age equity and equal outcomes

To be culturally competent

To question social norms and customary rules

To share knowledge and practice

To be courageous

To know participation within our community is a continuum