At Westgarth Kindergarten we value childhood.

We do not rush children.

We recognise that childhood is a precious time rich in fantasy, curiosity and creativity.

We provide an educational environment that is developmentally appropriate for each child.

We acknowledge that an important role of the kinder is to provide an opportunity for creative expression. At Westgarth Kindergarten our aim is that staff, families and children all have an opportunity to express themselves through their work. As a result each staff member will teach in a style that reflects their passions, traditions and beliefs. Each family will also bring to the kinder their passions, traditions and beliefs. Each child will play in the kinder in a way that expresses his or her own passions, traditions and beliefs. By doing this each group will have its own special feel, and identity and should remain dynamic and exciting. In addition the kinder will continue to reflect the diversity of our community.