The values underlying the curriculum include:
  • A caring attitude to other children, adults and all living creatures
  • Respect for the rights of self and others, and the culture of self and others
  • A love of nature and the environment
  • An appreciation of language, literature, creative arts and music.
  • Awareness and curiosity about current events
  • Awareness of the value of science, maths and knowledge of our interesting world and a desire to discover more about it and therefore foster a positive attitude to education.
Curriculum Objectives 
  • The curriculum supports the development of each child physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally
  • Help the child develop self-confidence
  • Encourage growth towards independence and self-discipline
  • Help the child make happy and satisfying relationships with other children and develop negotiating skills to resolve conflicts among peers
  • Build relationships with adults who give the child security and confidence to extend trust to those outside the immediate family
  • Help the child to learn the behavior expected in society and contribute to the group
  • Awaken and stimulate a sense of curiosity, observation and awareness of the environment both in the kindergarten and beyond
  • Present information, widen experience and knowledge
  • Teach children skills of discrimination, to see relationships, to classify and to generalize
  • To foster skills which enable children to gain satisfaction from a growing creativity